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Why organizations belong to ColPac RC&EDD

“Our granges in Wahkiakum County were searching for a program which would help us work on community service projects. Bob Webb, the USDA Soil Conservation Service man in Wahkiakum County told us about the RC&D program back in 1972. We had a number of public meetings in several grange halls and then formed Columbia-Pacific RC&D in May 1972. I like the grass roots aspect of RC&Ds.”

Carlton E. Appelo

“I am a member of the Columbia-Pacific RC&EDD for the opportunity to network and collaborate, particularly through the EDD (Economic Development District)."

Ken Scholes

“ I support the RC&EDD because I care about my community.”

I support the RC&EDD for several reasons:

Max Stocks

I initially got active in the RC&D because I saw them helping other communities with issues similar to ours. I continue to be active for the opportunity to build relationships regionally, and address economic development issues on a regional basis.

Jim Neva


The EDC (Economic Development Council) of Mason County belongs to the RC&EDD because we see it as the best organization through which to promote regional economic enhancement.

Jay Hupp

Involvement in Columbia-Pacifc RC&EDD is a grassroots opportunity that offers personal growth, leadership development and empowerment to individuals who actively participate.

Diane Ellison



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