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Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy


As an economic development district, Columbia-Pacific RC&EDD is required to prepare a comprehensive economic development strategy (CEDS) at least once every three years, with updates annually. We choose to revise the full CEDS every year. This makes it more useful as both a planning tool and marketing tool. Each year we increase the value of the CEDS by adding new features (and removing out-dated ones), and including the participation of communities, economic development councils, port districts, counties, public utility districts and public development authorities from our district. The CEDS allows us to see the challenges and opportunities in our district.

As the lead organization for the development of the CEDS, Columbia-Pacific RC&EDD is in a unique position to serve as a facilitator and coordinator of economic development, community development and workforce development efforts.


Our documents have been converted to an electronic format for your convenience. If needed, you may obtain and install the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe to view and print the pdf documents.

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