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Columbia-Pacific RC&EDD offers its sponsors many avenues to resources that may benefit businesses and individuals in the four county area.  Sharing solutions to common dilemas through networking with other sponsoring members is an invaluable resource. 

Strength in numbers is an asset that membership in Columbia Pacific can provide as rural areas face common problems.  The council of sponsors has the ability to take quick actions in the political arenas that influence the region.


The resource link bar connects to several websites that offer information about activities throughout rural America.  Additional links lead to funding sources that are available in rural areas.

The national RC&D webpage enables viewers to look at RC&D projects throughout the country.  http://www.rcdnet.org

One of the services available through RC&EDD is the ability to complete online research for private foundation grants. This service is available by appointment.

The local sponsors of Columbia-Pacific RC&EDD make up the governing council of the organization.  The full Council meets once a quarter throughout the RC&EDD area. Guest speakers are often invited for Council meetings.  The Executive Board meets on the alternate months from the quarterly meetings.  All council members are welcome to attend the Executive Board meetings. 



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