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Resource Conservation & Economic Development Projects

From an historic standpoint, Columbia-Pacific RC&EDD has been insturmental in flood control projects on both the Wynoochee and Satsop Rivers. The organization also participated in beach erosion control projects at Westport and Ocean Shores. Crews employed by Columbia-Pacific have completed fish barrier analyses on many salmon bearing streams in Grays Harbor County and completed many fish habitat restoration projects in partnership with federal and state agencies.

The memories of the devastating December 2007 wind storm are still fresh throughout our four-county District. The resulting damages totaling in the millions of dollars are still being felt by our regional economies. To assist with post disaster economic recovery process planning, Columbia-Pacific RC&EDD applied for and was awarded a $75,000 grant from the Economic Development Administrationís Economic Recovery Planning Investment Program. This project, under the management of Columbia-Pacific RC&EDD, focused on producing economic impact assessments including short and long term economic recovery plans for our regional businesses. The project began in January 2008 and concluded December 31, 2008.

As a result of our initial Post December 2007 Storm Economic Recovery Project Phase I, Columbia-Pacific RC&EDD has taken the lead in sponsoring and developing Phase II that includes business resiliency education and training. Our scope of work focuses on providing businesses concurrent District-wide comprehensive business planning and preparedness education and training. Methodology is based on business resiliency implementation and includes business readiness analysis, workshops, business continuity planning, promoting employee preparedness, non-structural hazard workplace assessment, developing and testing business evacuation and shelter-in-place plans, development of vital business records protection plan, communication plan development for business personnel, vendors and suppliers as well as a media communication plan, development of an annual insurance review process and facilitating meetings between business owners, local first responders and emergency management officials to identify roles and responsibilities. Our goal is to keep business interruption to a minimum during and after a major disaster.

The recovery process is applicable to economically driven factors like the current recession as well as recovery from natural disasters. This represents Phase II of our Economic Recovery Project and has been made possible by a grant in the amount of $250,000 from the Economic Development Administrationís Supplemental Appropriations Disaster Relief Opportunity Program. The Phase II Project began in April 2009 and is scheduled for completion in March 2010.

Regional business owners and employees are being provided with business resiliency workshops as well as one-on-one consulting that teaches them how to survive through these challenging economic times as well as how to preparing before and after a natural disaster.

The success of these projects have been made possible through The Federal Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration. http://www.eda.gov

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