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Columbia-Pacific Resource Conservation and Economic Development District

About Resource Conservation and Development

About the Economic Development District

The Columbia-Pacific RC&D was established as a non-profit organization in 1972 to serve the region of rural southwest Washington. The council area now includes Grays Harbor, Mason, Pacific and Wahkiakum Counties, spanning an area from Puget Sound to the Columbia River. This diverse area has a wealth of natural resources that are beleaguered by environmental, regulatory and economic challenges.

At Columbia-Pacific, we believe that a healthy natural resource based economy is the key to stable long-term prosperity for our area. We believe that society's economic health is directly related to its common bond to the natural environment, and that a healthy environment is the foundation of a thriving local economy. Good air and water quality, stable and healthy soils and biological diversity are essential for sustaining farming, forestry, fisheries and recreation.

The era of government coming in and solving problems has ended, as taxpayers are demanding more government service for less money. An active and participative approach to resource protection and management can create a positive climate for regulatory stability and voluntary resource conservation. Partnerships are becoming increasingly important as a means to leverage money and accomplishments. Managing cooperatively through partnerships is not an easy task, as it requires a shift in focus from competition to cooperation, and sharing credit for accomplishments.

Resource Conservation and Development

The Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) program was designed to assist people in rural areas to plan and carry out activities that balance the conservation and development of natural resources, support economic development, and enhance the environment. RC&Ds are locally organized, sponsored, and led providing local residents a means to join together to decide what is best for their community. Through a formalized RC&D Council, local people make the decisions and choices for their communities and work with a broad range of public and private entities to achieve their objectives. The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) provides a full time Coordinator to the RC&D Council.

RC&D areas cover several counties. The Columbia-Pacific district covers Grays Harbor, Mason, Pacific, and Wahkiakum Counties and the Native American Nations within that area.more....

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Economic Development District

In 1998 Columbia-Pacific RC&D became the economic development district organization, focusing primarily on diversifying the economy of the four county district. Since then, it has been the lead agency in developing an annual comprehensive economic development strategy (CEDS) for the region, forming collaborations to get things accomplished. more....

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